Waterfront Photo Bomb

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So Giddy

Today I discovered what it feels like when the first person to ever read your manuscript loves it. 🙂 it’s so far from complete but he still loved it

I’m just grateful to have someone read it in its entirety

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Never Ending Love Story

Cold words slip out,

Not so delicately as what I hope to write down someday

They crumble in pieces,

Chunks and shards missing the point

Hitting every other direction

Every letter crashes around us,

Burying all last hopes of saving it all

Back tracking and jumping ahead sentences,

Tightening the noose we spun together

The begging begins, forgiveness and lies blur into a confused blast of words

But through it all not one of us sheds a tear

At least not until all the conflictions and confrontations end

And all there is left is a few boxes left to pack

One person acting shocked and the other faking the smile,

The one meant to say unspoken promises that wont be kept

Say goodbye, with a last few words spat, this time barely reaching any distance

Even they have lost motivation and strength

Not even words would lie about this never ending love story.






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When the editing wall hits. Draw

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Edits For My Birthday

Finally finished going through another round of edits, now I have to actually make them

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Short Goal For 2018

Editing time and hoping to be prepped for submissions by my birthday.

I have until February 16th. With me luck with my mini goal! 🙂

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Edits for 13th Day

This part seems really awkward to me, any suggestions?


“On her thirteenth day, Marietta picked up her books eagerly, anticipating another event less lunch with Lucifer. She was the first ready to leave, and easily squeezed past everyone. Her usual spot in the corner near the window had a few perks; other than having something to focus on when she finished her work early and waited for her classmates to catch up.

Half the day had passed and Marietta was pleased to see that lunch was next and she would be able to track down Lucifer. Every chance she got, she would spend time just listening to him as he attempted to keep his cold mask on, while answering her questions. At first, she felt intimidated by him but, the more they talked the less scary he was and the more she wanted to know.”

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