Lily’s first date 

I’m working on this to add into the story. It’s far from ready or finished but it’s a start. Thought and comments please. I’m open to suggestion for how to continue 

He had asked her. She had hoped for so long, but could barely get more than a hello from him. Now he suddenly wanted to go out with her.
Lily paced back in forth, from one side of the room to the other biting what was left of her nails. On her twelfth lap she paused in front of her mirror. 
“Am I really going out with Jade?” 
The sudden hollering of her mother was all the answer she needed.
“Lily, your date is here.” Her mother undoubtedly was yelling up to her intentionally with him standing right there in the kitchen with her.
She hurried down the stairs to prevent anymore damage that could be done by her mother. 
When she entered the kitchen she found both Wolf Vein and her mother talking with Jade.
You have got to be kidding me! She kept wee thoughts to herself. Wolf Vein being wt the house ensured a harsh first impression.


She smiled at Jade, walking past both her mother and Wolf Vein, avoiding eye contact. “I hope you didn’t have to wait too long. Are you ready to go?”
Before Jade could answer, Wolf Vein interjected, “We haven’t quite finished getting to know him Lily. And your mother was just about to make tea.”
She stepped closer to Wolf Vein, eyes staring straight at his. “Oh, don’t worry about that. We will have tea at dinner I am sure. Why don’t we get going Jade?”
With both of them satiating at him now, Jade shifted what foot he let take most his weight. “We don’t have to leave just this minute, and you’re mom is going through the trouble of making the tea.”
“Perfect! Take a seat.” Wolf Vein turned towards the back of the kitchen and went over to help Lily’s mother with the cups. 
When his back was turned Lily shot Jade a pathetic look. He smiled and stepped closer to whisper in her ear. “It wouldn’t make a good impression to decline.”
His words were softly spoken. The gentle whisper was not protected from Wolf Veins ears. Lily could see him hold his breath the moment Jade opened his mouth. As soon as Jade stepped away again, Wolf Vein exhaled, only loud enough for Lily to have notice his held breath. 
He and her mother carried four large coffee cups full of tea over to the table. 
Lily’s mother finally spoke up, “ So Jade, do you have any plans for after high school?” 
“I plan on going to college, though I haven’t quite decided exactly what I want to get a degree in. I have been taking a few college courses online for free to get a better idea.” He spoke as if he was perfectly prepared for the question. The answer designed to give her mother exactly what she wanted to hear. And to make him seem like a mature young man. “Chemistry is my academic weakness but I would like to improve it. I have that class with your daughter, so perhaps we can work on it together.” He turned his gaze to her with his last statement. 
Lily could feel her cheeks warming as she fought the urge to smile. She looked away and caught Wolf Veins eyes. He seemed concerned, not jealous like she expected him to be.
“Well, it sounds like you are trying to make a plan before you dive in head first.” Her mother gave him an endearing smile and kept drinking her tea. 
This time Jade focused on Wolf Vein with his gaze. “I like to have a plan, always.” The emphasis seemed a bit too strong for being casual but Lily let it go. He most likely felt it was Wolf Vein he had to impress the most. 

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If you were still a girl in high school and your crush suddenly after never acknowledging you, suddenly wants you to be his girlfriend with no warning. How do you respond?

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Queen Anne’s Lace 

Lovely flowers of lace

Creating a wonderful veil 

For the marriage of harmony and beauty

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New start to chapter 1

Lily’s eyes shot open wide, staring up at her dark pale ceiling. Searching eyes followed the perimeter of the room, scanning through the shadows for the man who ruined her life.  The mostly barren walls were held no sign of Black Wolf. Or her father. 

Surrounded by dim light escaping through the window, she turned onto her other shoulder grimacing at her clock. Only one- thirty five. She smacked the wooden desk missing the alarm clock the first time she swatted at it. The second time the clock was pushed from view. With no more numbers flashing at her she could hide back under covers without the threatening loss of time. 

I have a while. Schools not till seven. Sleep would be nice, but then again….  

Chills crept through her, adding to the cool breeze now flowing through the window. Closing her graying eyes, Lily leaned back trying desperately to clear her mind, to push his lifeless eyes from memory for a little longer. The energy she had left at the late hour was rapidly being used up this way, but sleep still refused to take her away. Even with little energy to release, her body still held conscience, keeping her alert enough to feel her heartbeat still beating fast, her lungs still struggling to grasp air. 

 Stumbling through the hallway, rubbing her eyes until she could see clearly, Lily found her way to the last doorway on the left. Her shadow filled the small, simple bathroom. Stepping into the quaint room, the lacking of space became evident as she stepped between the sink and. the toilet, with only maybe four inches on either side of her hips. 

Her eyes landed on a vase of dead flowers, drooping over the side of the glass, dropping useless petals. She touched a fallen petal laying away from the rest of the remaining petals. It almost disintegrated under her touch as if it had been sitting there for years. As the last remains crumbled the dark images flooded into sight once more, replacing the receding bloody nightmares. 

She was biting at his arms, slashing at his throat. This had been how Black wolf wanted her trained. Test her self control and her loyalty.

Her victim, Wolf Vein had been the perfect choice. He was her closest friend. The only one  

A bitter taste resembling blood filled her mouth; a taste that sheknew all too well. Swallowing worsened the flavor as it spread across her tongue, seeping into her taste buds and betweens the cracks of her lips. 

It’s just an illusion. Nothing more. 

Trying to break her senses free, she splashed cool water on her face. Forget him, I really do need to sleep. There’s nothing he can do to us. He’s gone forever. Calming her nerves came at the price of honesty. Lily looked at herself in the mirror. Why am I still seeing his face?

“ It’s just an illusion.” She repeated the words, still trying believe her own lies. 

The taste of blood had not faded, but had distinctively sweetened.

 Looking up in the mirror again, a horrid sight looked back. Blood traveled from the center of her mouth to the corners, seeping past the edges, and spread down her chin. Her eyes widened trying to find an origin for the blood. 

She stood alone and shaking, knowing that opening her mouth would only make her fears more real. Licking her lips washed away some of the blood, but not what had already seeped into her skin. 

Something was pulled it her mouth, forcing her mouth open, revealing white fangs stained with blood, coating her gums. 

Her legs gave out on her and she pulled her legs to her chest. “No.” Softly begged herself, tears streaming down her face. “No. It´s not real. I didn’t do it. I swear.” Her body trembled as she sat on the floor, breathing heavy and fighting her sobs. 

She could hear him calling to her, begging her to come to him

“You are so close to me my dear. You’re learning to quickly. Come show your clan what you can do.”

Lily dropped completely to the floor and pressed her head to the floor gasping for breath. Sweat dripped down her forehead and down her spine the chills started.

The flashbacks still kepyt hitting in waves. 

“Lily! Stop it! He’s done, leave him there. He doesn’t deserve your help. Leave him to the others. They will finish him. Go clean yourself up and get dinner with the other children.”

“Stop it! Leave Wolf Vein alone!” Her screams were inaudible to everyone but her. And even less effective. She watched them beat him with their claws. He never screamed, not even once. 

Someone grabbed her arm and her eyes shot back open. She was back in her bathroom and the taste was suddenly non-existent.

    Lily looked at herself in the mirror once more. Her pale face was clean, no smudges ruined her mouth and no fangs protruded her lips. “Should have known.”

It was another panic attack driven by delusion based on the past.

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Bloody Beauty Queen

He stood staring at her. Blood dripping  down her arms, wrapping and intertwining around and in-between her fingers. A puddle formed below each lazy dead hand. No ripples came from the hands and yet the blood seemed ever changing, growing.

His gaze rose to her face. The blood had drained from her body, and yet her face still flush. Lips still beautifully and delicately painted pink. Her lids still held a slight purple shadow, with the eyeliner still perfectly traced. A beauty queen even in death, no matter how tragic.

He noticed one obscure detail, a small scratch on her neck, starting one side at the artery.

Had that been her original plan? Slit the throat and not the wrists?

He shuddered and turned his head away. He had hated her; wished  her to be gone.

But not this way.

He wondered had she struggled. Or peacefully accepted the fate she set in motion.

Before letting the images create a horrific scene he turned and walked out the door. Hoping to never see her again.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we wish for.

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Long time Missing

Wow, I haven’t posted in so long, there is so much to post about. Meeting the most amazing guy, starting therapy, far too many breakdowns, hard hitting depression, trying to fix my relationship with my parents, new amazing friends,

So many stories to take from and branch out with, some to keep hidden and take bits and pieces from.

I’m not sure of how I will go forward with any of this, if I do at all, I hope to, but life has me so hectic, I’ve forgotten how much I Love blogging.

Here’s to whatever future this blog has.

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Playing the Game

The teacher was giving another lesson that Lucifer failed to find the useful. But, Marietta on the other hand, was taking it all in. He had never seen such an organized notebook.

Each page was dated and given a title. Any vocabulary was highlighted with the definition right next to it.

Who is this girl?

She was still so strange, the way that she did exactly what was expected. She never took her eyes off her textbook, unless she was writing her own text book in her notebook. Or if she was looking at Lucifer.

And once again she was.

“Do you have to look at me like that?” He stared her down, daring for a snide answer.

“Maybe I like looking at you. You have decent qualities you know.” She spoke so matter of fact like it gave him a chill.

“Oh is that so? Now, I don’t think your boyfriend would like you to say that to another guy. Especially me.” Her cheeks looked more pink than usual and she was dressed in a rather skirt for her, It hit mid thigh, like the skirts all the other girls wore. How could he have changed her this much already?

“That’s funny.” He looked at her as she smiled to herself more than him.

“How is that funny?” It was a strange answer. Most girl wouldn’t laugh at his snide comment. Most would smack him. But then again, she wasn’t most girls.

“It’s funny because he isn’t my boyfriend. We’re friends and I just happened to enjoy spending time with him. He happens to like doing things other than listen to loud music and ditch class.”

He went to argue with her, but stopped. She winked at him, keeping him from saying anything to her.

“Besides, why would I date him? I already have my eyes set on someone.”

He watched her start a new page of notes. Her legs uncrossed and crossed again. She seems anxious. She pulled at the hem of her skirt and let it slide up her leg further. Lucifer instantly felt his cheeks get warmer and he went back to his assignment. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her, smirking his way and pullign her skirt back down.

What the hell game is she playing? No, why is she playing?

Concentrating was impossible with Marietta next to him. She was making him more uneasy than usual, teasing him and acting so casual about her relationship with Chad.

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