Leading me on? Using me?
What a peculiar way to put it.
Is that the truth?
Silent words as you walk by.
The warnings come with their own proof.
You’re going to break my heart?
No. that’s not possible.
Not without real feelings.
How could you possibly?
I know I’m nothing to you.
Nothing of importance as I fall.
Am I really falling or is it just an illusion?
No, this is just a false romance.
Despite the words written down,
I’ll be tossed to the side someday.
Am I okay with it?
Yes, a tempting offer for one night,
Just to feel something again.
But it’s not the truth, is it?
I know the truth, but lie to myself all the same.
Yes, it’s the truth.
Nothing good could come of this.
Being used for your satisfaction.
Is this what I really want?
I bow down, willing to be at your side.
Dedicating too much time again.
I st myself up to fail once more.

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