Turn Around

I keep going back and forth.

Choosing right or wrong,

Selfless or selfish?

This is a new place for me.

Lost in my own head.

The girl in the reflection is stranger.

Unsure and unaware of how to proceed.

Stumbling with shattered pieces falling.

Why can’t I just let it be?

I have no right getting involved.

My reflection smiles back at me,

Telling me it’s okay.

No, not again.

I won’t be the other one.

Keep pushing for more distance.

Her hand outstretched for me,

With a poisoned apple.

Would it be so bad?

To just take what I want,

Forget anyone else’s feelings?

Slip of the tongue.

Complete surrender and submission.

I know regret will come back to haunt me.

It’s too hard to choose.

But it’s too hard to go back to pretending.

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