You call it an addiction,
One you can’t resist much longer.
Each wound slowly heals,
But are still far too fresh.
Tears burn as I see the damage done.
You promise you won’t do it again,
But I know better than to believe,
An empty promise to give false hope and distorted assurance.
I close my eyes, images become too vivid.
Blood is dripping; no it’s pouring.
Your face fades to pale, body goes cold.
Then you’re out of reach, gone for good.
Trembling with anticipation, I open my eyes.
You’re still there, alive but, struggling.
And I can’t help, but wonder.
For how much longer?

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One Response to Addiction

  1. This is a poem for someone who was once a friend of mine. Now I’m locked out, unable to help him.

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