Fake It?

Today, due to something I brought on myself and someone I care about, I have a new challenge to face. I know I’m going to struggle, a lot. Faking things isn’t my strong point and I have no idea if it will even work. But I am stubborn as hell and am definitely my fathers daughter. I can pretend to be ignorant and unaware. I am pretty ditsy as my family always remind me. But how do you fake not feeling anything? Someone please tell me how.

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5 Responses to Fake It?

  1. I do not know your story but I can most definitely relate to how you feel about how not to fake anymore. But I can say this once you become comfortable with yourself, who you are, what is going one and know that you are in control of it there will be no reason to fake it anymore. I know you do not wan to judged but love but sometimes to be loved you gotta do more than just “fake it” I hope rambles above helped. But you are so strong. How do I know this? because you had the courage to 1. recognize what is going on and 2. post this. Sending positive vibes your way – Phoenix

  2. But they’re worth it 100%

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