So right now my mood isn’t the greatest and I want to be like I was the other day. If you read the post from Monday then you would know what I mean. So here’s a poem I wrote on that sunny, warm day.

Love Letter

A simple, quiet beautiful morning.

The sun shining down, making it hard to see.

Just another day that should be boring.

But no, not today; Today is different.

Today I feel alive, more than ever.

It’s finally become apparent.

As I lean back, letting the warmth kiss my face,

I say it softly just one more time.

As an unutterable confession just in case.

My words are for my own, until they’re for yours.

Finally letting it out, letting myself know.

Like the bottle washing to the shores.

Holding the note that protects the long hidden truth.

Sheltered in the folded letter.

Finally out there, ready to be read.

Just in time to make growing up a little better

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