Today I was at the gas station and the most amazing thing happened. No I didn’t win the lottery, nor did I witness something as amazing as the birth of Christ. I didn’t even save some one from a burning fire because someone didn’t listen and smoked while pumping. Sigh, that would have been pretty bad ass if I had done any of those. But I did get a nice reminder that society does have some hope and there are people out there that are kind just because they’re happy to be alive. I was waiting, filling my tank after a day of work and this old man was on the pump next to me. He was cleaning his windows and struck off conversation, starting by telling me how well dressed I was and proceeded to ask me what I did for work. I told him I was a hairdresser and he said he would have to come see me. I was flattered and gave him a business card with my hours. What I thought was going to be a quick friendly conversation became a good lesson. Good people are still out there. The man looked at my windshield and started wiping it for me. I know it sounds silly, but that small insignificant moment completed my day. He had already been kind and had a pleasant conversation with me, but now was cleaning my window for me. When I told him he didn’t have to do it he smiled at me and told me he didn’t have to do anything, he’s retired. I can honestly say, when I’m retired I hope life has left me with that kindness it left him with.

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