Shyness keeps me quiet and conserved.

I’ve played it out, over and over again.

All the ways to say it,

All the ways to to tell you now.

One step closer to honesty.

Saying it out loud leaves me breathless.

One misstep could push you away.

Asking the wrong question,

Could give me an answer I don’t want to hear.

Swallow hard one last time.

You’re standing in front of me,

Waiting for my words to come out.

But they’re still stuck, choking me.

One last encouraging push.

Just do it, just say it.

Flustered, cheeks turning red.

Finally looking up at you,

A soft sigh letting the fear out.

One moment of crazy courage,

Just to let you know before I lose it,

Tell you how I really feel,

I’m in love with-

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