When you’re 19 you are technically an adult right? I mean, I have a full time job, I have already completed my collage of education, yes it was while I was in high school but, it still counts right?

So that means I’m allowed to make mistakes right? Well tell that to my parents please. I’m not trying to be the annoying bratty child. Honestly, I’m just really annoyed and using this post to get it out. Sorry if anyone is irritated with this.

I don’t know if my irritation is validated. But apparently the other night my mom heard my phone, while it was on silent. The next morning I checked my phone, which was right next to my bed, in my bedroom. Well, I noticed that it said I had two messages from around 11:30 the night before, that were already opened. Well, I do not recall opening them, or hearing my phone, since it was on vibrate. That totally makes sense right?

The next day my brother told me that my mom had looked at my new texts that day. Explains a lot right? She had said something to my brother, and I am assuming my father about my having weird texts or contacts. I didn’t catch what my brother had said. I was annoyed and concerned at that point. Not that there was anything bad in them. It’s just anytime my mom or dad asks about the people I talk to, they assume they’re somehow damaged or that, if it’s a guy, I’m interested only because I want to fix them. AS you can imagine, I don’t want another conversation like that. Sigh

The whole, get my own apartment thing, is really starting to sound great.

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