It Feels Like A Dream

A hazy memory shadowed by doubt.

Is it really how it seems?

Wandering between each glimpse,

Each shaken detail.

Unsure of how to react,

Face the fact, I’m still afraid to fail.

We’re just friends,

Or so I tell everyone.

But do I really need to convince them?

Or do I need to convince myself?

Everything has become so blurred.

I have no right feeling this way.

Despite my attempt, I can’t shut it off.

Lit when I decided I wanted you to stay.

Embers slowly gained their strength,

As we began this friendship and now have ignited.

Burning stronger than I thought possible.

Growing too fast, too strong.

Is it that horrible?

The heat of the moment brings it back.

That word-

That bittersweet, agonizingly painful word

One simple moment, dazzling flames began to burn.

Out of control, breaking down walls.

Now it’s back, with a lurking wound that never heals.

Failure to extinguish what you’ve started.

Is this how it feels?

To just give in, go head first.

I gave this sort of thing up so long ago.

Determined to kill what was left of my weakness.

Without me noticing,

You’ve taken what I believe and tossed it in the flames.

Broken down my questions and rewritten all my answers.

Now I stand, looking at you thinking,

The warmth you’ve brought me may not be so bad.

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