Hear It?

Last night I fell asleep texting my friend. Not biggie, everyone does it from time to time. I woke up around one this morning when my air conditioner kicked back on. I checked my phone instinctively, realizing I feel asleep. I responded when I saw read his message. He, of course sent one back and thinking nothing of I, kept texting. Eventually I had to go back to bed since I worked this morning. I said good night, deleted all but, my sweet dreams text. No big deal, I say it to everyone.

Well, this morning it turned out it was all a huge ass deal. My mother looked right at me, and said “your father wants to know who you are texting at one in the morning.” I failed to respond immediately. I was trying to figure out how she would have known. My phone was on vibrate, my door was closed and my bedroom is on a separate floor.

When I didn’t say anything she told me not to lie, that they knew I was texting someone. That’s when I kinda nodded, what the hell else could I say. I mean, she was mad and obviously I couldn’t lie and have her believe me. She demanded to know who and why.

I gave her a different name, she would kill me if she knew who it was. Though she nor any of my family has met the guy I was texting. But remember, my family hates tattoos and assumes I am incapable of just friends. But I was honest as to how we ended up texting.

Well she ended up walking away and is now acting normal. Nothing could possibly be wrong. Right! What I am wondering is how they could have known. Silent messages, a floor between rooms and an air conditioner. I am beginning to think that she is still going on my phone and that I can no longer leave my phone in her grasp.

Privacy would be a wonderful gift.

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