Pretense to Book

So this is my pretense and to me it doesn’t really flow and almost seems in a way corny. I would love to have some reviews. Thanks!!

People believe monsters don’t exist. Out of fear the reality is pushed to the back of the mind to protect innocence. Pretending nothing bad is out there keeps people sane. Reality has set the world of monsters as separate realm from people. But denial does not change the truth.
Since there was humans there have been wolves and vampires. Though both tend to be protective of their kinds, humans know about their existence. Since they came out of hiding in the late eighteen hundreds there has been a mutual agreement. Wolves, vampires and humans would try and keep the piece. Wolves would keep packs but remain with humans. Vampires, having their own world in the night, would stick to it mostly. Vampires, having tolerance of sunlight would do as they please for the most part. As long as they do not drink to kill and only create their own kind if it’s absolutely necessary.
Over the centuries this agreement has been maintained for the most part. As expected complications began to arise as relationships began and ended between humans and beasts. Peace keepers, assigned by the wolf leaders, the vampire council and the U.N. would take care of those causing trouble.
There was one time in history that peace had failed completely. The worst war known to man, the Blood War began. Vampires refused to control their thirst. Wolves were sick of being rejected in society. The death toll was unbelievable. It lasted for an entire decade. Until the Vampire Lord and the Magnificent Wolf came forward and refused to allow more violence. Both stood tall and the war ended after a few short months. These two are considered God’s in their own worlds.
Now the agreement was back in place. But a new era is coming. A sick and twisted wolf named Black Wolf has decided to stop he wants the piece once more removed from this world. To achieve this he wishes to endanger a young girl that has seen all three worlds. He has no intentions of ending his bloody plaque. This girl is the key for his goal. Her deadly blood could over spill and end the humanity of this world.

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