Seal Them Away

Sitting beside you, I feel your fingers trace along my knuckles.
I can’t let myself fall, lose my grip and stumble again.
You’re not mine to have and
Yet, I push farther.
Leaning my body against yours, I can hear them.
A rush of buried thoughts race through my head.
Long forgotten emotions begin to burn, as a new flame ignites
After Love has been forced away once before.
The sudden new feelings are too much.
I fight them down, but they won’t go away.
I get drawn into you further and further.
I can’t deny it,
Something makes me want you near.
I tell myself, pull away and run,
Run from the fear of falling.
I try to pull back, distance myself.
Keep the separation and keep me safe.
But I can’t make myself move.
With us closer than ever, I can’t fight it anymore.
I give in,
And one soft kiss seals our secret.

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