Book sample- Young Love

So this is part of my novel in progress and it’s a part that I loved writing the most. I hope you enjoy!!

revenge for later.

The front door opened and Betty came in with her bag full of texts books. “Oh, hey Wolf Vein. You here to make sure Lily shows up tonight?”

“Yeah, I don’t want her being lazy.” Wolf Vein smiled at the younger sister, giving her the once over as well.

Lily stood up and shoved her sister up the stairs. “The only reason you don’t have to go is because your not the eldest. You’re not the head of our wolf family, so why don’t you just go up stairs and leave this business to the adults now. Little kids shouldn’t concern themselves with things they aren’t able to understand.”

“Fine, whatever you say. Have fun with your boyfriend. Try to remember to breath every now and then.” Betty walked off to her room leaving her sister smoldering.

Lily yelled after her, demanding she come back and apologize for being rude. “He’s not my damn boyfriend. How desperate do you think I am?” Lily plopped herself back down ,this time next to Wolf Vein. “Damn brat. I swear.”

“What was that about being desperate?” His eye brow was twitching from annoyance. His hand went up and came down on top of her head.

“Ouch. What the hell was that for?” Rubbing her head with one hand Lily reached over and smacked him in return. “You asshole, learn to take a joke.”

“Well don’t make it seem so bad to have me as a boyfriend then.” His smile showed his enthusiasm. “Potentially speaking, that is.”
Lily let her hand meet his cheek, her fingers being pricked by his stubble. She let her fingers rest on his cheek. “Oh? Is that so?” The look in his eyes filled with pleasure. Lily sent the pleasure away when she pulled her hand away and jabbed him in the chest. “You will never be my boyfriend.”

“Damn it. Would you stop hitting me? Jeez, you’re such child.” His hand came harder down onto her head than the first time.

“What the hell happened to maturity?” Lily pushed him off the couch.

Plopping herself on top of him, Lily began shoving his head against the floor, demanding that he apologize for being a rude jerk. He pushed back forcing her to sit up. His eyes met hers as he sent his own threats. Lily pushed him back down as he tried to sit up.

“Damn it Wolf Vein. Why are you such a pain in the ass?”

The fight didn’t smother his spirit. “You know you look pretty cute sitting on my lap like that.”

“What did you say?” Lily hit him on top of the head another time, with even less effect than before.

They both heard soft footsteps and Lily’s mother appeared in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

“What the hell are you to doing? Wolf Vein would you keep your hands to your self. Lily get off him. If you two are that horny then could you at least go to a room with a door so no one has to see you two? I mean my god. When Luke and Betty told me you two were going at it I was just disgusted.”

Lily looked up. “Wait Luke’s here?” Her entire face went red when she realized she was sitting on Wolf Veins lap. She had been leaning over him pressing herself against him when holding his head to the ground and she never realized it. Then she felt them. His hands were on her waist, holding onto her tightly.

Jumping up, she began begging her mother to listen. “It is not what it looks like. I swear mom. I just wanted to teach him a lesson.” Lily covered her mouth when her mother raised her eyebrow. “That is not what I meant. Please just listen to me.”

Her pleads were ignored.

Her mother turned and began to walk to the kitchen. “Dinner is done when you two are finished. And please don’t take too long.”

Lily turned to see Wolf Vein leaning against the couch laughing. His arm was hanging on the edge of the cushion.

“You have no idea how bad you just made that seem.” His laughter filled her ears. “I mean come on. How dense could you be?”

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