Young Memories Sample

Another sample from my manuscript. Rate and comment please!!

Wolf Vein had been sitting beside her. It was soon after they moved here and Lily had locked herself once more in her room and refused to entertain the idea of speaking with her mother.

Earlier that day at the pack meeting a boy had been running his mouth to Lily about her father. It had been Lily’s first encounter with Jason. The news of her father had circulated even to the small children at the time.

Lily began to argue back, defending her father, declaring it wasn’t her fathers choice.
When Jason didn’t apologize like she had demanded him to, Lily punched him in the nose. The bone had easily broken under her small fist, but she didn’t stop there. She knocked him on the ground and sat on him, taunting him for being so weak and pathetic.
All the other children watched in horror as their friend, who wanted to be the future alpha male was abused by a girl half his size. No one tried stopping her, they were all too scared. Eventually Wolf Vein showed up and ripped Lily back off of the damaged boy. Wolf Vein sent them all home and told Lily not to start fights.

Lily cried out to him, calling him a traitor, telling him she hated him before slapping him in the face and running off.

From there she went up to her room and locked her self in her room,, refusing to speak to anyone.

While crying on her bed she heard a noise and went to check it out. To her surprise, Wolf Vein was leaning against her window. He held his hand out for her and pulled her onto the roof beside him. Even though she reacted wrongly, Wolf Vein was still there to comfort her.

That night was long, full of tears, but ended well for the young Wolf Vein. Lily fell asleep in his arms while he sat smiling at her fragile body.

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