An Angel Falls for a Devil

I thought I would take a break from posting pieces from my first novel. So here’s an introduction to the other novel I have been working on. I haven’t startd submissions for this one and am not quite done. Enjoy 🙂

About ten minutes in the teacher was rambling and Lucifer had already lost concentration. He was staring out the window when the door burst open and interrupted the teacher.

A young girl, probably a sophomore came in. She was blushing and out of breath. When she realized she was being stared at she quickly apologized. “I’m so sorry. I sort of got lost. I’m the new student, Marietta.” She did a sort of bow that was a little clumsy and only made her seem more fragile. She was nervous and from what Lucifer could see she deserved to be. Every guy in the class was staring.

Lucifer quickly forced himself to turn his head. Hmm, she isn’t that cute. These guys are pathetic. Drooling over the new girl. Lucifer went back to staring out the window, pretending the birds were far more interesting than some uppity girl.

The teacher walked forward and held her hand out. “I was wondering if you’d show up. You can sit in that seat. Don’t be too worried about keeping up. For a Freshman to be in Algebra 2 and new is quite an adjustment.” The girl walked over to the desk directly next to Lucifer’s. He looked next to her and rolled his eyes as she leaned forward as she spoke to him.

She smiled at him. “Guess we’re neighbors. What’s your name?” She held her hand out towards him. He reached for it and gently shook it.

“It’s Lucifer.” He looked up, feeling dazed by her presence.

Girls usually ignored him. They wouldn’t look at him let alone give him a real smile. He was the emo rebel boy. No parents would allow their little girl to be around him. Usually that sort of thing was a turn on for girls, but for him it wasn’t. Most the girls he knew looked down on him as if he was an diseased stray. But this girl seemed different, not that he cared. Why would he?

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