Last night was the first poker night in weeks. It was awesome and I actually felt like I had a life for the first time weeks. Happy time. 🙂

Of course it was a bunch of guys which is no biggie for me. I’m always around guys and am just one of them. That’s the environment I am most comfortable in.

On of the guys was inquiring as to whether I still had my boyfriend. What an idiot I thought. I haven’t had one in almost a year. He then started making suggestions. He’s one of those people who tries to be a matchmaker. I have yet to see any success, but props to him for trying.

He saw me talking to one of the guys (let’s call him P. for potential interest). So P and I were talking about things in general. Well, Mr. Matchmaker chimes in. He was wanting to know what we were talking about.

Well Mr. Nosy, not much thanks to you. My thoughts were silent. Don’t want to make it awkward. I could rely on him for that.

And of course that’s what he did. He pointed out to P. that I am single and said that P. is single and ready to mingle. I looked at P., who if I’m not insinuating wrong, agreed. I started getting embarrassed, mainly due to the latest comment on my social life. The previous conversations totally had nothing to do with my already shaken demeanor. But that is a story that should probably not go public.

The matchmaker friend then told me if I give P. my number then P would give me his number. I was kinda joking it off, unsure of how he was taking this. I’m not sure how that stuff works with grown men.

When I asked him what he had been up to lately he said he graduated but other than that it had been boring. He asked me what I had been up to. I said nothing but work, though I had recently become obsessed(yes I know that’s never a good word to use) with blogging. He laughed saying he hadn’t gotten that desperate yet. I don’t know what that means. Is he saying I’m desperate or his life isn’t that sad yet. I am very confused.

In the end I had nothing to write my number with and I didn’t want to just hand him my phone with everyone, including my brothers in the room. I have been kicking myself since and even let my friend send a mutual friend a text about a future poker night for a sneaky way to get his number.

Now I am sitting, dying waiting for the embarrassment that shall soon follow said texts. Why is the adult interactions so hard?

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4 Responses to Missed?

  1. jowensauthor says:

    I feel you. I had a lady I work with set me up with a blind date after my breakup. The guy seemed nice enough but he seemed bit old for me (he appeared close to my dad’s age). Think I’ll stick with looking for myself when I’m ready (and I think I’m about there).

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