Anxious for it all to start
Slide into the seat with perfection and ease
The game is just getting good
You’re back to playing the tease
Excitement and thrill,
Pumping through my veins
Unprepared for this to end with broken chains
I don’t care where we go
Just find a place to be alone
Two short hours pass with little to show
I’m not ready to say goodbye
Not before I make you see
Make you listen as I try
A quiet parking lot will do
As long as a kiss can be stole
And words can be heard
Breath out slowly now
Prepare your heart to stop
It´s time to ask the question
A strong grip pulls me in close
Making me give in to the lust
Let it last, just a little longer
Pull away slowly still in a haze
Don’t let the feeling fade
Hold it hostage, my gaze
Too hard for deception to last
Betrayed by my own eyes
Attachments setting in too fast
You say be careful
A simple warning
Taking me back fearful
To a previous conversation
“I’m trying to draw a fine line”
I bite my tongue with hesitation
Draw it, make it permanent
Keep our physical illusion separate
From emotional attachment
“Fine lines are the hardest to draw”
I remind you of reality with a hit
What human nature can do to you
“Oh, don’t I know it”
Do you I wonder
Are you learning as I am?
The painful lesson that starts with a first meeting
And ends with a harsh reality
Often too soon before things are understood
A soft touch rushes me to the present.
Even now the line is there.
Faded and growing weary
Caught between us.
But etched in stone in my mind
Just wipe it away
At the edge with another embrace

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