The Hostile

The Hostile

Why waste the time to be what others want to see?

You’ll never be good enough.

It’s impossible,


A bitter, never ending goal.

They are the ones,

To decide if you are worthy of them.

They cannot understand,

Who you are and what you can do.

They always have and always will,

Look down on you.

They take what others have,

Not a shred of remorse

On their perfect faces.

They won’t ever stop.

Break the stake that,

They thrust into your dreams

And live life.

The one they took from you.

Prove them wrong.

And show them what they forced you to be.

Make them fear.

And make them hear it

Make them see the truth.

We are them.

They are the same as us.

It’s them standing in our way.

Standing in our reflection.

The hostile

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