Fight Test Revised

After some suggestions and some tweaking I made some adjustments and would love more feedback. I had some great ones the first time. Keep them coming please!

She grinned at him and spoke first. “I’m a lot stronger than I look.”

He merely nodded, but she could sense the doubt growing. What he saw in front of him was a cocky teenage girl, who probably didn’t way more than a hundred pounds. He was confident she stood no chance and that he would have to go easy on her. What he didn’t see was the thing that could kill him. A beast hidden in the young girl that was faster, stronger and far more fearsome than he. Being over confident was going to be his down fall. He threw the first punch and she slightly dodged his fist, letting it graze her cheek bone. She threw a quick kick, clipping his leg barely. She did this on purpose so that he would think she was only lucky. He went for a grab around her waist. She grabbed both his wrists and crossed his arms and backed him to the wall. The vampire blood was growing stronger. She knew she’d have to finish soon.

She grinned. “It’s all over big boy. I win”

He looked surprised by her declaration. Before saying anything to her he swept out her legs with a low kick to the ankles. Lily fell to her knees, watching herself with a fast hand.

Lily took a deep breath, trying to calm her heart rate. The man’s sweat smelled sweet, even from a distance. Damn it. Now is not the time. She had to calm down and keep control. Blending in with the humans was the goal, not winning or having fun. Likely knew all of this and her vampire side was in disagreement. It begged her to rip his throat open, get drunk on his blood.

Get up and finish this. Her head was telling her what to do, arguing with her gut. Lily struggled to balance herself on her feet in her crouched position. Not moving Lily waited for him to come to her. When he was within legs reach, she countered with her own leg swipe. Once he hit the floor she put him in a quick arm bar. He instantly tapped out. The aura from her had scared him. He knew there was something deadly about her. Lily released him and bowed slightly before exiting.

This was the end of her testing. She was tired mentally, but not physically. She was all set to leave when Wolf Vein caught her arm.

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2 Responses to Fight Test Revised

  1. St.Vitus says:

    Yes, this is excellent! Awesome job.

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