Book- Jealousy Kills

Another sample from my manuscript. Add a little jealousy to the mix. Enjoy 😉

He looked shy for the first time, but the expression didn’t last very long. Lily had hoped the shyness would remain painted on his face for just a little longer. He was finally showing genuine emotion other than mockery and he hides it as quickly as he lets it out.

The moment was quickly ruined as Wolf Vein started his promised lecture. “I wanted to know how long you think you and that boy will last with you being what most humans think to be a monster. You have twice the reasons for humans to hate you. You’re a wolf and a vampire. Not to mention your father works with Black Wolf, against the humans and us. That makes three reasons for the boy to break your heart.” He pauses seeing her anger and guilt. The words were sharp. He knew that. But letting her be blinded by her feelings would only get her hurt. Continuing his words were the only way to protect her. “I’m only trying to keep you safe. You should realize that before you get hurt. You know I hate to cause you pain especially when it comes to love, but some day you need to realize you will never be what humans consider normal.´´ He paused seeing her face.
Her thoughts were back to that letter and that voice. Could it be…..

“What? Going to cry Lily?” Wolf Vein’s voice broke through to Lily and brought her back to reality. “I never knew you to cry, only when your dad left and joined Black Wolf. Don’t let possibly losing that piece of meat bring pain to your heart. What would Luke say?”

“Shut the hell up. How dare you bring my father or Luke into this? Stop trying to protect me. I don’t need you. I don’t need you or Luke’s protection. I don’t need any body to protect me. Stay out of my love life. Just go way. I don’t care how jealous you get, stay away from me and Jade. Got it?” She glared at him while spitting the words out, the words she knew she couldn’t take back. She just wanted to be left alone, couldn’t he see that?

Why Wolf Vein? Why go there? Our friendship died a long time ago. Why can’t you just see that? Saying the words aloud would be admitting they were far apart. He faded from her world long ago. Pushing his way in now was cruel to both of them.

He looked at her with saddened eyes. The anger in her words cut deep leaving a hole in his heart. Another one to match the one from all those years ago. “I protect you because I care about you. Luke protects you because he loves you.”

Love; the word brought back the threat in the note. ‘The person who will give you to me could be someone who claims to love you.’ Love… me? Who could that be? Not Luke? Could it be…?

She could still hear Wolf Vein’s anger as she was brought back to the heated argument. “You’re just too much of a moody bitch to see who really cares about you. You need to control your anger. But if you want me to I’ll leave, but I’ll never stop caring.” He slowly manages to stand. He takes a long look at her. “I remember when you were ten and your dad left and you cried all night. You loved him and now you hate him. Are you going to let there be a repeat of that departure in your heart?”

Thinking for a moment that one the note referred to would be Wolf Vein was a mistake. Regret filled her heart. She wanted to feel his lips on her cheek once more. Just one more time. “Wolf Vein, I’m sorry.” By now she was crying. She just let the tears flow like a river. A raging river that no damn could stop from flowing. Never before had she cried so much. Regret and confusion filled her mind. Does she pull him in or let him go? The choice was too hard to make, too painful to admit.

“I shouldn’t have said those things.” She cried out. She could feel her tears pour down her cheeks and dripping off her chin. Before she finished speaking he was gone, off and into the night, the place he fit in best.

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