Break Through- Red Eyes

Here was a small moment in my manuscript that was fun for me to write. Enjoy and please comment

After school Lily went to her room and prepared for the dance. Lily was putting on her prettiest dress, her only dress. She had bought it for the special occasion. It probably wouldn’t be the nicest dress at the dance, but it was good enough. She looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw. A beautiful young lady looked back, smiling and filled with life. The dress reached just below her knee. The elegant red matched the real girl on the inside. It had a defiant color, but a soft look to it that made it all the more perfect. Lily finished doing her make-up when she heard a knock at her window.

She went to it and found Wolf Vein sitting on her roof. When she saw him she smiled. In shock, but with pleasure she managed to say, “What are you doing here?”

He looked at her. “I’m your ride to the dance, hope you don’t mind.” He stood up taking her hand and helped her onto the edge of the window.

“But I have my truck.”

“Sorry, but Cinderella doesn’t drive the carriage herself.” Lily giggled at Wolf Vein’s comment. When they were younger Lily made him play Cinderella with her. Wolf Vein was always her prince charming.
The drive with the two of them was quiet and peaceful. Lily enjoyed her time with him for the first time in a long time.

Lily had been staring out the window when she saw Wolf Veins reflection in the mirror turn and smile at her.
“What are you smiling about?” Lily peered over her shoulder.

Her gaze met his once more. “I just realized how beautiful you are.” His smile was genuine.

For the rest of the ride Lily tried staring out the window, but every now and then would catch herself sneaking a quick look at Wolf Vein. He would notice and she would look the other way.

They arrived at the school just in time for the dance to start. Lily got out and thanked Wolf Vein for the ride. He smiled at her as she walked through the doors.

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