Dark Thoughts??

So I told my friend to check out my blog. He did and his only response was that I have “dark thoughts”. What does that mean? I know something aren’t the most cheerful but dark? Hmmm Well, I mean that would explain a few things. 

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2 Responses to Dark Thoughts??

  1. St.Vitus says:

    I think the obvious retort is that the artist as “inquirer” has a natural environment to explore in “darkness.” It is fertile ground. I haven’t seen anything any more dark than anywhere else, let alone darkness-for-darkness sake, on your blog. Then again, I was a Literature major- after reading Comte de Lautremont’s “Song of Maldoror,” nothing seems dark. The reader’s context will always be a wild card in the art of writing.

    In any case, be assured that you’re well within the normal range of blogoshpere “darkness.”

    • I’ll take that as a compliment 😉 I like the idea of darkness because as you said it is fertile. And everyone at some point has hit that point where all they an see is that darkness. Everyone can relate in one way or another.

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