Reality Truth

Long Trip South

It was a long day for my family and I; we had been driving since the morning when our plane was cancelled. We had decided to drive to Connecticut to catch a plane there. I was half asleep but, awake enough to see what happened. There was a terrible snow storm and the roads were hard to see. We were going slowly, but apparently it was too slow for the guy in the truck behind us. He came around to pass us. When he did he hit a patch of black ice and lost control of his vehicle. He swerved and hit the guard rail to our left and crossed ahead in front of us. Most of it was a blur; almost a dream, something almost too horrific to believe. The truck ended upside down on the other side of the road. There was a rocky edge that the truck was against. There was no looks of any injuries or leaking oil. By the looks of it, the man driving the truck lived. It was too dangerous to pull over; there were cars behind us and the next car back had already had time to react. They were pulled over before any of us had registered the scene in front of us. We ended up calling an ambulance and we kept going on our journey.

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