Lover Boy

You come around playing the just looking for a friend card

All the while waiting for another girl to swallow your lines

Walking around, acting like it’s not that hard

Well, let me break it down for you

I know the truth behind all your words

Your honestly care- just a way to get close

You think you sound sweet like the birds

Singing a tune to make me fall in love

Call me special, and call me cute

Get me wrapped around your finger

Now it’s my turn to point the finger and shoot

I already know your game

And now, it’s time for you to stop

I can’t keep wasting all my time

On a guy who brings me to the top,

Just to drop me to the bottom

On the floor of this sinking ship you’ve got us caught on

Goodbye to the worthless words slipping off your lips

Push you away and turn to say hello to my freedom. 

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