Simple Warning

So here’s another peek at my manuscript. I think I want to go more in depth with some of this but, I’m not sure what point or details should be focused on.


Lily stood on against the wall trying to find Emily with her eyes but, she too was missing. When a slow song came on the dance floor cleared for the most part. Couples replaced all the group dancers.

Footsteps stopped behind Lily. A hand grasped hers. Turning around Lily began to speak, “Oh there you are Jade. I’ve been loo-” It wasn’t Jade holding her hand it was Rick. “What are you doing. Let me go.” Lily tried to pull her hand away but his hand was strong. His eyes had a dimmed red glow. There could never be any doubt he was a vampire.

Lily matched his eyes with her own blood red eyes. The two understood they each had vampire blood. Rick was older, much older. But Lily was stronger and deadlier because she wasn’t cautious. She was unpredictable.

“We need to talk. Follow me.” He pulled her behind him until they were on the dance floor. Stopping, he turned and put his hand on her waist and held her left hand.

Lily looked around as people noticed who she was dancing with. “We shouldn’t be talking. You’re a trainer. They know you’re a vampire.”

A smile crossed his dark face. “Relax. I look like I’m only twenty. They don’t know that I’m over a hundred years old.”

That’s right, your one of the older leaders. Though you were bit in the 1600´s you still appear to be twenty. Lucky you.

For some reason, the thought of never aging always made her sad. You never can change. Your stuck without any closure to life.

“Why are you associating with Wolf Vein. He’s the leader of the wolf pack in this town. His father used to be with Black Wolf.”

“What?” The news was a shock. “How do you know that?” Lily looked at him following his gaze.

He looked at her a little confused. “Well your father was the one who introduced them. He brought Wolf Vein’s father into the mess. That’s why he was killed. It wasn’t an accident. His father was going to ruin Black Wolf’s plans of dominating all wolf society. The car was rigged to crash. You can’t possible be so blind. I mean you are half wolf.”

Lily’s eyes widened. “How? No one knows.”

Rick chuckled and put his mouth next to her ear. “I can smell it all over you. More people know than you think. Why else do you think the other wolves and vampires hate you so much.” His grin faded. “I feel bad for you. You’re alone because you could never control what was happening to you’re life.”

The song ended and Rick released her hand. Without a word he walked away. Nothing more was said.
He feels bad for me? Lily watched him fade into the crowd by the door. I don’t want your pity Rick.

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