Self Inflicted Heart Break

Self inflicted heart break

Just another mistake

A knife dug into my chest

Just me trying my best

Keep you from seeing this

Remember ignorance is bliss

Keep telling myself the lie

Though it makes me want to die

You can’t break my heart

Can’t rip it apart

Not if you don’t have it

Take another hit

Pretend to not care

Don’t even dare

To tell you how I feel

Not sure if its real

Dig the wound deeper

Here comes the reaper

Come to take my broken bones

Beaten down by stones

Of the charade that I keep 

This has gotten us in too deep

But I can’t stop the game

Because then it won’t be the same

Ripping myself apart inside

Put my aching aside

All so I can keep you just a little longer







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2 Responses to Self Inflicted Heart Break

  1. ws says:

    Raw! Powerful!

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