Clouded Memories

He stood staring at her, the love of his life. An arm wrapped around her neck, hand on her thigh, threatening to go higher. 

He swallowed hard, shaking, unsure how to react. Her laughing crushes him, sending him into the walls of his emotions.

Lips stay inches apart, tempting others to connect. He doesn’t force himself to look away, let’s his eyes linger on her a moment longer. Lips finally collide, leaving the boy with anxiety. 

He turns away, not bearing to see her, not with another man. The girl that now sits by his side throws her self onto his lap, playfully pulling at his arms. Her smile distracts him for just a moment, long enough to pull away from the past. 

Only he sees it, the pain in his loves eyes, He stares at the girl, seeing what only they both see that belongs to both of them. Loving hearts, now clouded in memories of their lost time. 

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