Sample- Regret

Wolf Vein, who had been living with them for some time was still inside. I still remember Wolf Vein. We had so much time. Now I see I wasted so much of it.

Looking up at her ceiling Lily let the rush of the memories invade her mind. Wolf Vein, he seemed much younger then, barely seventeen, her age now. He had come out of nowhere, ready to put his life on the line for her. Lily had been too scared after seeing Black Wolf that she couldn’t react. Her feet were frozen When he had charged her, Lily felt a body against her. Arms wrapped around her and she was pulled away. Wolf Vein had protected her.

Thinking back, Lily remembered the fascination she felt as she watched Wolf Vein charge Black Wolf. Lily could remember the words she silently spoke that night. Such speed. Wolf Vein is incredible.

Lily’s eyes shot open. A cry escaped her mouth. The image of Wolf Vein bleeding, holding his face. The blood leaked through his fingers and painted the ground with red drops.
At the time Lily just stood there and screamed. Black Wolf had hold of Wolf Vein, who tried fighting back. Black Wolf was more experienced and had the upper hand. The wound made the fight too difficult. He was down an eye with blood too thick to see through.

Its not real. That was a long time ago.

Lily had to take a deep breath to slow her heart rate. It was an old memory. He’s okay now. No one is hurting him. Not anymore.

The image of the scar left from that night so long ago formed in her mind. When he was in the hospital for the wound Lily had waited beside him. All night she had sat beside him, waiting for his to wake up and smile at her, teasing her for being so weak. Just like he had so many times before.

Lily turned on her side. These damn memories. I want them to go away. She closed her eyes, but she still saw the scene. Wolf Vein would have been killed if it weren’t for the others in the pack. They showed up and Lily’s mother hid Lily away with Betty as Wolf Vein was taken to the hospital.

Lily sat up in her bed. Now they found her and were willing to go to the extreme to have her. The anger of them coming back for her smoldered as Lily heard a knock on her bedroom door. Her mother walked in and sat on the bed next to her. Lily fell into her arms. Her mother sat and held her, stroking her hair. The comfort of her arms let Lily feel at ease.

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