First One In A While

I received another email rejection for my manuscript. I’ve lost track of how many that makes it. Well- that sucks. I may start focusing on my other manuscript. Here’s a simpler:


Once more she passed by the garage Lucifer worked at. He was the first one that she noticed. His black clothing made him stand right out. This time he waved at her first. Though he was most likely just being nice, she still took it upon herself to meander on over to him. It didn’t appear that he was doing anything, just standing around staring at a car with a dented hood.       

“Hey.” Her smile lightened his mood, but only slightly. She leaned foreword on the work bench, angled just enough for him to have a brief view of her cleavage. He must have been staring because Marietta stood straight up and took a slight step back.       

She leaned back on her heels and gave him a once over. “You know, there’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.” She paused letting him squirm.      

  He quickly turned to hide his embarrassment. “What is it? Did to come over to bug me or did you need something?” All he heard was a soft giggle. She was smiling as if he wasn’t being rude, but making a joke instead.       

“You always seem so lonely. I’d be more than willing to be your friend. In fact, I would love to be.” The tone was genuine. She meant what she was saying. That was clear, even to Lucifer. But he still didn’t trust her. Not yet anyway.      

“Look I don’t have time for your jokes. I’m busy working.”      

Marietta stepped forward bringing herself  just short of touching him. He had a few inches and to make up for it she stood on her tiptoes and got close to his face. A few inches separated the two.       

She held her gaze, keeping his eyes on her. “I really think you’re strange. I do want to get to know you. For some reason I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re different from other boys I know.”      

She leaned closing the gap to a mere inch. Lucifer could feel the urge to grab her and kiss her. She was a pest and too different from him. He couldn’t explain it. Something had began to control his thoughts. His hands kept clenching and opening. He told himself to pull away but his body wouldn’t listen to his head.        “

What’s going on out here. I don’t pay you to make out with your girlfriend Lucifer.” His boss, Larry was standing in the doorway of the office.  Lucifer glanced over. Larry wasn’t happy. His voice had given Lucifer’s legs new life and he quickly backed off.      

  “She’s not my girlfriend.”       

Larry was a nice guy but he didn’t like his employees goofing around on his time.        M

arietta dropped her head. “I’m sorry sir. I wasn’t trying to get Lucifer in trouble. I was on my way into town to look for a job and I saw him working and I wanted to say hi. I’m sorry for causing you trouble.” The way that she bent her back made her seem so fragile and sad. It’s like she honestly committed a crime.     

  Larry looked at the girl. She seems honest enough. And there’s no way  Lucifer could get a girl like her. I wonder. This time he spoke aloud. “Well, if you’re searching for a job we’re short handed.”      

Marietta raised her head to look at him. “But I don’t know anything about mechanics. So I couldn’t be any use.”    

 “Oh, that’s not what I meant. I could use a secretary of sorts. You know, answer the phone, greet the customers and overall run the waiting room. What do you say?”      

“Really? I would love to. When do I start?”      

“Wait. Are you really going to-” Lucifer was about to interrupt but Marietta’s eyes had lit up at the offer. Well I wouldn’t mind seeing her every day. His thoughts were disrupted as Marietta grabbed at his hands.    

   “Looks like we’re going to be co-workers now.”      

  For the rest of the evening they worked together. Lucifer showed her how the engines work. For the next few weeks they spent the evenings together. Lucifer would  offer to give her a ride home if it was getting dark, but every time she would come up with a lame excuse and say no.

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