Add Some Meat

I’m working on bits and pieces that I am going to add into Angels Fall For Devils. Here’s  a short part. It’s simple but setting up for a change later on.

Walking back from the office, Lucifer could see the football guys crowded.

Must be a new girl. Probably just another snobby girl.

Lucifer let himself try to peer through the crowd, just for curiosity’s sake. If it is a new girl, then in a few days she would be seeing one of the football jocks and going out for cheerleading. That’s assuming she’s cute. Based off the crowd, Lucifer assumed that to be the case.

Putting his head phones on, he drowned out the boisterous guys. He didn’t want to hear them gushing over their new target. He already would have to deal with everyone talking about her,  and he was certain he’d see her at prom with some senior, being named prom queen.

The girl doesn’t even have a chance.

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