Waiting on the phone

Staring down at my phone

 I wait for another response

Just show me your still there

 Still on the other end

That you’re not getting bored,

Bored of me, bored of the game

Bored of the lies

Send one more teasing line

Give me one more false pretense

One more false connection I can buy into

Despite knowing its not real

Don’t just sit there,

Laughing at my struggle

As I am down on my knees

Dying, suffocating from my own lies

This heaviness keeps me down on the ground

You’re face is becoming unbearable to imagine

Walk away, run as fast as you can

The voice comes from my own mind

My feet stay still, refusing to listen

Falling in  love with you was like-

Like jumping in front of a speeding train

There was no other ending

But I tried to stop it

Defy gravity anyway

But now I see it

I see the ending has never been changing

Never been in my control

One last tear falls as I set the phone aside

Bury my face in the covers

And just sleep as long as I can.

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