Chemistry Class Competition

Here’s a new sampler- I’m giving Lucifer some competition.

Marietta finally found her next class. Looking you at the door she could see chemistry written on the door. The classroom was small, and full of posters and glass vials. She took in the smell of experimentation, letting in linger in her nose. The idea of discovery an observation exited the young girl far more than buying new cloths or anything else a typical girl would want.
She found an open desk and sat down to pull out her notes. She labeled her pad of paper with a basic title and a small smiley face. Being so entranced in skimming her text book she never heard the boy beside her introduce himself.
“Huh?” Marietta looked up to see the boy smiling down at her. Blonde hair fell towards his face, making his blue eyes hard to notice.
He smiled, chuckling at her confusion. “I said my name’s Chad. You’re Marietta, right? New here too, right?”
“Oh, yes. I am and its nice to meet you.” She held her small hand out to him. He eagerly took it and shook it with enthusiasm the other boy failed to have. The boy dressed in black.
“I just wanted to let you know that if you need anything I am here to help. Just ask, okay?”
She looked at him, his smile was nice, almost genuine. But something seemed concerning about his friendliness. She doubted he just wanted to be a goo classmate. But she smiled at him nonetheless and allowed him to sit beside her.
The boy, Chad, made the effort to give her all the help he could. When she was flipping through the pages past the one she needed she caught her hand.
“You passed the page.” He smiled at her, assuming she was being silly.
“Thanks, but I know. I already read the first three chapters before class. I had extra time during last period. I finished the work an ha the last twenty minutes to read. I was going to read chapter four now.”
“Oh” The serious tone in her voice had surprised him. He left her be for the rest of class.
Relieve, Marietta focused on reading, letting her mind soak in the new knowledge the book gave her.

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