Watch Her Fall

Now Chad is stirring the pot, forcing Lucifer to think

Lucifer stood just five feet away and could clearly hear him sweet talking Marietta. He was telling her how smart and pretty she was. Lucifer looked away in disgust.
How can she sit and listen to his crappy lines? Stupid girl.
He almost felt bad for her for being so naive. He let himself watch her a little longer. It was almost a shame, a nice girl like her was going to be ruined by the football quarterback. The situation was far too cliché for him to watch, but he certainly wasn’t about to waste his time pretending to care either. She wouldn’t listen to him anyways.
Just when he went to turn away again, this time to walk away from the disaster to come, she caught his eye. She looked right at him, she didn’t smile, she didn’t glare either like most girls would have. She looked as entranced as he felt.
Lucifer could still hear Chad talking to her, trying to impress her. “Do you believe in fate?”
Marietta softly spoke the words “Yes I do.” How Lucifer heard her he didn’t know. But he did. She never looked at Chad when she spoke. It was him she stared down, her expression unchanging.
Chad clearly failed to notice this though. He put his hand on her chin and turned her to face him. He smiled and went to say something more, but Lucifer refused to listen. he walked away before watching anymore.

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