New Sample- Marietta Dreams

“We shall see. Goodnight my dear little sister. Sweet dreams.”

Sweet dreams. The words were wasted. Tonight her dreams would not bring happiness. Marietta dropped to her knees. Her innocent feelings for him could soon very likely ruin his life or worse.

“Lucifer” His name on her lips felt right. There was no doubt in Marietta’s mind that he was innocent. All she had to do was prove it and Marietta was determined to do just that. Marietta hurried to bed preparing for her dreams. She would prove her sister wrong, even if it killed her.

* * * *

Everything was foggy against the dim light of the moon. Lucifer stood amongst rotting trees feeling dizzy. All he would remember was laying in his bed thinking about Marietta. Now he stood alone surrounded by the hollow of the night. The timing was strange. The moment he spoke it out loud he felt himself evaporate and reappeared here. Either it was a good sign or a bad one. Which on all he knew was this; he finally accepted he loved her and no longer cared what the consequences would be.

The grass around his legs danced about as a breeze whisked past him, sending old leaves flying through the air breaking up his thoughts. Closing his eyes to shield them from the stirred up rot debris, Lucifer waited for things to calm. He tried remembering what exactly happened after he said it, said it out loud. He had been alone, so no one could have heard him. Perhaps he was still dreaming? Yes he had to be. It was the only explanation that made actual sense.

When he opened his eyes, Marietta stood barefoot and ghost like. Her once beautiful face was now lifeless and pale. Her blue eyes had faded and became an empty, foggy gray. As she took a few steps towards him her torn dress caught on a fallen tree. She kept walking and the bottom of the dress tore at the hem and the ends became a ragged mess. Staring at the torn fabric that hung off the tree like a dead animal, Lucifer hadn’t noticed the wind had stopped.

Looking at her, Lucifer called out, trying to wake up the Marietta he once knew. As if she didn’t recognize him, she gave no answer. Keeping her eyes low she began walking again and drew closer. The twenty feet that had been between them was closing fast.

He didn’t understand what was happening. This wasn’t Marietta. This was an empty shell of what used to be Marietta.

Now she was in arms reach of Lucifer. There was small amount of recognition in her eyes, but only for a moment. The light that had come back to her was gone in seconds of it’s appearance.

She put her arms around him and brought her mouth to his ear. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

“You’re sorry? For what?” He pulled back from her and saw tears slowly staining her stone cold face.

“For this.” She pushed into him and kissed him. Her lips sent pain through his mouth and it surged to his chest. Lucifer tried to pull away, but Marietta wouldn’t let him go. This wasn’t what he thought kissing her would feel like. He thought it would make him feel alive, but all he felt now was himself slowly dying.

Breathing through his nose brought no oxygen. He was suffocating under her mouth. Lucifer could feel his legs were growing weak from the lack of oxygen to his brain. His muscles stopped working. He dropped to his knees and he could feel Marietta crumbling down with him. Struggling to stay on his feet, his vision suddenly became blurry. Soon everything went black and Lucifer no longer could grasp at reality.

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