I Don’t Want to Forget

The nights getting late and things still feel unnatural
How long has it been since I saw you last?
Last spoke to you, last heard your encouraging words
The distance you left between us keeping me in the past
Is this what you meant when you said,
You hope my life is better for having you in it?
The truth is what I am beginning to dread
Did you walk away so I could move on?
So I could live for myself and not for you? a
Hidden behind all those lines that you’ve drawn
And yet, I still sit here wondering what you’re doing
What’s happening in your life, keeping you so far away
Even the shaking of my head doesn’t wake me up
You made such a difference so why don’t you stay
I know you want me to but how could I want to forget that?
I feel better, willing to face the door, face the world
Strong enough to face myself and all that I have done
The way you built me up like you said you wanted to
The words that seemed simple to you brought me back
How you took the self destruction away
Is just something I don’t want to forget

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