Fantasy Gone Wrong

After Lucifer left, Marietta began to get ready for bed. A quick shower was her favorite part for her before the bed ritual. Warm water ran down her back making her dry skin tingle. As the water warmed her face she let her thoughts wander.

She closed her eyes and found herself standing in a field of white and blue flowers. Marietta heard a voice behind her call her name. Smiling she turned, knowing it would be Lucifer standing behind her. His arms reached for her beckoning her forward. Longing for his embrace Marietta rushed into his extending arms. His body was warm against her bare arms. Lucifer’s hand lifted her chin, bringing his mouth to hers.

Her heart pounded as she let him bring their lips ever closer. Sweat formed on her palms as she waited to feel him.

“I love you.” His words were soft and gentle like the hand against her cheek. She closed her eyes,
leaning in waiting for the feel of his lips and the pleasure she knew she would feel.

But it never came. Marietta opened her eyes and searched for him. He was gone and the flowers around her were dead. She was alone, like she always was before she met him. Marietta dropped to her knees weeping for her broken heart.

A cold rush of water brought her back to reality. The field was gone, replaced with her bathroom. At first she didn’t notice the tears. She had been crying and never realized it. It was only my imagination. Marietta tried lying to herself but she knew very well what it was. Another vision and they were rarely wrong.

With a shaky hand Marietta turned off the shower head. There was no use letting it run, she had already used up all the hot water. Drying herself off with a towel, Marietta found herself staring at her own reflection in the mirror. Spinning, she gave herself a once over. I don’t have anything special for him to like anyways. The vision was still in her head. The way he just disappeared still hurt. She was well aware it hadn’t happened, but still. The thought still hurt her in deeper ways she ever thought some one could.

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