Just stare at the mirror
Hold off a little longer
Push it away,
As far as you can
Soon the hunger will diminish
You’ll be okay
Ignore the pain,
As it passes you
Sit down at the table,
Pick a little,
But never swallow
Put on a front,
But kill yourself in silence
How much longer?
Soon things will come to surface,
If you are that lucky
The damage is being done,
But no one knows
No one pays attention
Stop being dramatic
Stop pretending to be messed up
Stop trying to be dysfunctional
Their only words of advice,
As a smile paints their faces
Nothing more than snide remarks
As you pray to just collapse
Just drop to the ground
Eyes blank, mind lost
Dream about being targeted
Become someones outlet
Have bruises that show,
Have scars that don’t heal
Something that’s an excuse
Something understandable,
Something physical
Anything that will get help

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