Venting Time

So this is probably going to come off as bitchy but I don’t care. I am completely annoyed with my family. I had an amazing night, a great date with the nicest guy I have met in a long time. I got in bout 12:20 this morning. Who fricken cares. I’m an adult. I don’t work until 11. I have plenty of time. That’s a good ten and half hours. Plenty of sleep time and time in the morning. I never sleep through the night anyways. It would have been goo but someones bitching woke me up at 5:30. My parents were yelling at my OLDER brothers to get up for work. They won’t get up on their own. So every morning they wake me up with the hollering. I just go back to sleep once their gone. But no, not friken today, at least not until my mother left at seven. An hour before I needed to be up. FML. When my dad was home he was bitching, because he heard me come in at 1 am. Ha! Funny. I was already in bed. Yeah I was awake, but I was not wandering around. I could hear snoring from their bedroom. Before my mom left she started yelling saying I can’t stay out that late. Not my fault the movie was done at 11:30. But you know, I am an ADULT. I am RESPONSIBLE. Yes I have made my mistakes. But who the hell hasn’t. She promised that we will talk later. HA! Yeah, fuck no. They can stay out of my business. I am sorry if I woke him up, but at least get the time right and don’t call me a liar when I say I got in at 12:20. I know what the time was because my date had asked me to text him when I get home, make sure I got home safe and sound. I sent the text walking up my driveway. Take that obnoxious parents! Ehh, I don’t even feel that much better. Well have a good day WordPress.

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