Shoot myself in the foot

Self destruction time. Again. Damn.

Honestly its more like breaking the trust with my family- if there was any left to begin with. I evade them and then make them more agitated, or stressed, or just more controlling.

Yesterday after work I was supposed to go home for supper. Well, that didn’t happen. My mom call my phone at work and started texting me, demanding to know where I am. Well mother, I was at work, like I always am at 6 pm Monday night. I had things to stop and pick up for Halloween. Honestly, though I needed stuff, it was mainly to avoid going home. What can I say? I don’t like being yelled at for trying to be an adult. She of course demanded to know where I was going and why. (Rolling me eyes) She want to know when I was one work, which I never ended up telling her.

So the guy I have been seeing ended meeting me and we wandered. We ended up hanging and talking for most the night. I gave my mom a heads up letting her know I was with him and would be late. I gave her the time of not much later than ten.

Well, I lost track of time. When we checked the time it was 11. Fuck, my parents would be pissed. And Of course I get a text from my mom wanting to know if I was coming home and where I was. I told her I was hanging downtown- you know, the place every state has- bars, restaurants, benches, parks, ours even has a waterfront. Well wasn’t she ma and swore we will talk again.

When I got home no one was up. So now It’s the next morning, they never woke me up. I am surprised. Today after work I am supposed to meet up with friends- not including the same guy I have been spending me time with. I know that if I bail they will kill me, but if I don’t come home today- who knows what will happen. Possibly lose friends or [piss my parents off to where they could validate kicking me out?

Damn, that sucks.

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