Simply talking can lead us back this easy?
Crossing old lines not ventured for sometime
You start by saying you still want to
I finish by agreeing, feelings mutual
But how an we just go back to this?
The risk has gotten to great, hasn’t it?
So much effort has been put into moving on
Getting over whatever it was, just a fling,
A pathetic game with no end
Now you’re back saying you still want it
Still feel the temptation of your hands
The tension still tugs at you- and me just the same
Valuing the friendship we are now chained by
Sealing off what we want to say
Leaving us with nothing but painful memories
The same old reason to fall back onto-
You don’t want to hurt me
I can’t have what I want from you
It’s too late now to forget,
And friends is the punishment of falling in love
A mistake I won’t ever make again.

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