Stress Go AWAY!!

It’s almost ten an I have to go meet my friend? Or someone who was my friend? I’m not sure what about though. He wouldn’t tell me. Damn, I hate surprises. Who knows what it’s about. Last we talked declared me the shittiest person in the world who only enjoys hurting others and fucks everyone over and I don’t care about anyone else. I know I cancelled on him and some of his friends. Note his. The other two were guys I was friends with in high school. One I have only seen twice since and that was in June, 2013. On refuses to acknowledge me unless calling me a whore. How is that a friend? I had to cancel. I was trying to fix all that shit with my family, and on top of that, shit hit the roof with one of the girls at work. So I am sorry for having to focus on fixing shit.

This is going to suck.

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