Let people in?
That’s harder than it sounds. Haven’t you heard friends are overrated
Let people in and you get hurt. It’s a fact of life, Undeniable an unchanging
I’m lonely? How do you see that?
Its only been a few weeks. Though I admit, it feels like years
You don’t know me that well
There’s a difference? Between knowing and feeling?
Knowing is factual, concrete, defined
Feeling is complicated, liquid, unreliable
Why go with what you feel?
It’s survival of the fittest. Choose what will keep you on your feet
Feelings will drop you to your knees, Pain filling every crevice of your being
Knowing will keep you level headed. Allow you to make knowledgeable decisions
You understand how I feel, You were like me?
Tell me how, no show me. Words are meaningless .
The things you worry over, they make me giggle
You aren’t so bad, not broken like some
You were once lost like me, things you went through are familiar
Growing up isn’t easy, figuring things out doesn’t happen over night
I tell you all the sick thoughts, vivid daydreams that turn into nightmares
Judgement never comes, never even takes a peak at this lost girl
Security puts up a fight but gives you a good view at the mess behind the bars
And yet you stay, never turn away, even share a laugh, a smile, a kiss
Give away the worst part, my desired ending,
Still no judgment,maybe you can be trusted

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