How can you do this to me?
No, how can I do this to myself?
I want to blame you, declare you the murderer.
Call you the jerk, the user.
Blame you for making me feel this way.
But how can I?
I chose to let you in, let you get in my head and gain this dominance.
Let you see that I can’t walk away from you.
Stupidly told you that I still think about you, that no one compares.
Now the offers here, a temporary moment with you, just long enough to draw me back in.
How can you just come calling like this?
I thought we were done. What happened to goodbye.
Was it seeing me with him? Did that make me more desirable?
Or could you just not stand having me fixate on you only?
The chance for one night is finally here, and I can’t take it.
I won’t waste a sorry on you. No more time wishing for you.
Enjoy being with her, the one that you can’t stay loyal to.
I hope the regret eats away at you,
I hope you feel as miserable as me.

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