Broken Chance

Shy and timidly hold on, letting the worrisome veins pulsate
Hesitant like I am as we learn each other, break down one another’s walls
Pull at the strings, let this fear dance around the air for a while,
Until there’s no space left for it to fill
Let it burn out as we grow to trust, to open up
Slowly let things slip, let things show
After a few times anxiety comes out, truth never falters
Let the past show it’s ugly face,
And hope the other won’t take the hint
Benefit of the doubt serves both so well
Go in knowing the mess they’ve stumbled into
But try not to over think it

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One Response to Broken Chance

  1. Benji says:

    It is like you are speaking to me. It is like you know me. You are giving me mind boners right now.

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