On the way to school he stopped by her house. Surprising her with a ride was a perfect chance to tell her, but when he rang the doorbell no one answered. The door was locked and the shades were drawn.

“I guess I’ll see her at school.” He turned and wasn’t prepared to see Delilah standing behind him.

She had a happy selfish look on her face as she spoke down to Lucifer. “Are you looking for my little sister? She’s long gone. Gone back home to our world where she belongs. You’ve ruined her. Her punishment is waiting for her.”

“What? Punishment? Gone home? What the hell are you talking about?” He didn’t believe Marietta would just leave like that. Last night he finally felt close to her. And now she was gone?

“You heard me. She’s gone back home. The place she belongs. Not here. Not in this world with you. Her punishment is waiting. She fell in love with scum. She fell in love with you. You have nothing for her. You should go back to where you belong.” Her smile disappeared and a sinister shade fell across her face. “Devils shouldn’t fall in love with angels.”

“Devils shouldn’t fall in love with angels?” The words devils and angels seemed foreign to him. He shoved the comment aside, assuming Delilah was just using some metaphor for him being unworthy of her sister. “What the hell are you going on about. Marietta wouldn’t just leave like that. She loved it here.” He stepped back. The knife Marietta had thrust into his back hurt. He let her in and she betrayed him, just as he knew she would.

Delilah laughed at his pain. “You really don’t know? How stupid can you be? You don’t even know what she is or what you are. How pathetic!” She stepped towards him until she had him pinned against the wall. “Maybe you should know yourself before you start trying to understand a girl like Marietta. I promised her that I would let you live. For now you will. I’ll give you a while. Figure out what you want boy. I can save you from damnation or you can live and go to hell. Have a good day.” She let him go and he immediately fell to the ground. All the strength in his legs were gone. Hearing Marietta was gone forever left him weak. He looked up and saw he was alone.

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