Damage Done

After forty grueling hours, class was done and he could get away from her, at least until gym. Not that it mattered. Her new group of gossiping girls kept her too preoccupied for her to pester him.

As he predicted, that’s what happened. They were all in gym class and not even once did she say a word to him. The distance between them had grown drastically and now he was beginning to almost miss her teasing.

He was so focused on watching her laugh and act as fake as the other girl, he never heard the warning. A sharp pain went through his skull making tears come to his eyes. Then his legs gave out, dropping him hard to the floor.

“Hey, we told you to watch out.” Two guys, both buddies of Chad’s ran over to him. They stood above him, snickering. Lucifer’s failure to dodge the ball had gained the attention of the whole class.

Dammit. That frickin’ hurt. The pain in his head kept him from forming words.

“Lucifer! Are you okay?” A desperate voice called over the laughing. He opened his eyes to see Marietta hurrying to his side.

One of the guys above him answered for him. “He’s fine, just too stupid to duck.”

The other quickly chimed in, “Maybe if you weren’t so busy fantasizing about someone else’s girl you wouldn’t make such a good target.”

“Target?” Marietta looked up at them from her kneeling position. Her hand was on his shoulder in an attempt to help him sit up. “What the hell do you mean by target?” The laughter answered her question. “That was on
purpose? What is wrong with you? You could have really hurt him. How immature can you be?”

“Why the hell do you care? He’s just some emo creep.”

Marietta stood up and slapped the boy in the face. She didn’t care if he was Chad’s friend. He hurt Lucifer and that was not something she would let go.

She lifted Lucifer up with the help of Tool. He swayed back and forth a little but, the two quickly steadied him.

Walking past the class, they brought him to the nurse’s office.

When they got their the nurse had them wait in the chair while she looked him over. The two were silent, neither sure what to say.

Eventually Tool spoke up, “You don’t have to wait. You should go back to class.”

She looked up at him, “It’s fine. I want to make sure he’s okay.”

Tool turned to her with a tone filled with anger. “Well, he is.”

Marietta was taken back, even a little scared. “Why are you mad? I am concerned for him. He and I are friends.”

He snorted at her, “You are not friends. You could have been, but then you turned your back on him. And for what? Some football jock who will use you for fun and then get rid of you when he finds better or you fail to put out? You haven’t spoken to him in days, except to call him out in class when he doesn’t do his work.”
Marietta’s jaw dropped and refused to close. Silent tears streamed down her face as she stared at Tool. What he said was true. She had turned her back on Lucifer. She hadn’t meant to. It was just nice having someone who didn’t treat her like an unwanted nuisance.

In silence she stood up and walked out of the office. Tool was there and she doubted Lucifer would want her to be there when he came out.

She headed outside to the courtyard out front of the school. It was lunch time and her friends would be there.

Friends. The word was bitter on her tongue. She wasn’t worthy of any friends. No, not after treating Lucifer that way. Fact was, when she was with Chad, she wished it was Lucifer.

She took a few deep breaths before stepping into the fresh air. She knew she would see Chad and no doubt, the two jerks from before.

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