Sorry, but I think its time now for me to walk away.
Please don’t be mad, that’s not what I want.
That’s whats kept me from walking away. Fear of your disapproval, fear of being alone.
Aren’t you the one who said you always hoped I’d gain strength.
Strength for me to turn and get out?
Then how can you be agitated over me changing my mind?
You asked me to let you know what I want.
Well this is it, my escape plan clenched in my fist.
I no longer need you to make me happy. I can stand on my own, my legs work.
They may not be strong, that can change. But you never will.
Don’t hate me for saying I found better.
Don’t act wounded when I say I’m better off without you.
Don’t try suckering me back in.
How can you expect me to want this?
Only have you when she’s not around, when you want something else for a change.
Why should I keep selling myself short?
Why should I think so little of myself and so much of you?
So this is it.
No more giving you what you want, telling you what you want to hear.
It’s time for me to do myself a favor.
You’ve been cut off, time to man up.
Time for both of us to grow up.
This friendship has become tainted with blasphemy.
And we can only blame ourselves.

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