Stay away from me! Leave me out of your games. And stop blaming me. I’m confusing you? I’m leading you on? How the fuck does that work. Who was the one who kept coming around, even after I said I wanted you to see me as something more, as someone who loves you. No, that’s not fair. Do me a favor, just stop.  Stop trying to be the player, the womanizer. That’s acceptable when you’re twenty and your too young to understand what your actions are doing to others. Your far past twenty, and old enough to know better. How can I get stuck being the adult when I’m not even able to drink. You call me a child, then try to screw me. You apologize, say you don’t want this to be physical, you don’t want to hurt me. And yet here were are again. You ask me what’s so different now. Why the change of opinion. Well, maybe I finally got to the point of self disgust that I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror. Maybe I finally realized that I deserve better, I deserve someone who’ll love me, be with me, me alone. Someone I don’t have to hide. Someone I don’t have to be ashamed of wanting. So just stop trying to make me feel bad, and stop playing your games. Accept what you have, love what you have at home, want what you wake up next. And stop selling YOURSELF short. You should have a future with someone too. You have that person already, so stop risking it. Start respecting the man in the mirror. And let’s try leaving this place as friends.

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2 Responses to Stop

  1. Benji says:

    we found love in a hopeless place, hopeless place.

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