Wasteland- The Beginning

So this is a just something I dabble in

Three years before
The Beginning of the Wasteland

At the start of total downfall no one could believe it. The strong, self declared stable country was breaking down. Debt was no longer manageable and soon the pressure on the middle class could no longer hold the weakening economy. The first day was when the government made the official announcement that there was no more government assistance. The second day all ally countries cut us off. Revolts broke out out on the third day, resulting in vandalism and mass crime. Within a week society vanished and the country was unrecognizable.

A young girl stood in the convenient store below her apartment. She ran out of milk and was innocently shopping when a ball of fire burst through the window. The girl ducked behind a shelf of canned beans,, throwing her hands over her ears. All around her was screaming and gunfire. She clenched her eyes begging for it all to cease. Begging for peace and quiet.

In the midst of panic, the boy behind the counter grabbed her and lead her through the stockroom and out the back emergency exit. The two ran down the side alley, zig-zagging around cardboard boxes and broken glass. The boys’ car was around the corner. He figured that they could make it and get out of the city. His aunt owned a home an hour outside of Boston. They could be safe, away from the violence.

Abruptly, the girl stopped running. The boy turned to see her teetering back and forth, fighting to keep her balance. He looked her over, terrified of what he saw.
Blood drenched her shirt. Looking down she could see it clouding across her abdomen staining her white shirt. The wound was low and deeply wedged in her gut. The bullet had hit fast and was painless at first. But the shock of what was happening around her faded as the feeling of pure, unwavering agony awoke from suppression. Suddenly pain went through her leaving her legs numb. She could feel a hand wrap around her own as she’s dragged away from the building, across the street and into the woods.

The boy left her behind a tree promising his return. He would get help and come for her; Everything would be fine. But in the end it wasn’t. The boy ran into the black of the dark shadows and the girl closed her eyes. Red was all she saw as tears ran down her face.

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2 Responses to Wasteland- The Beginning

  1. jowensauthor says:

    Interesting. Would like to see how it turns out.

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